Anti-government rebels in Syria surrendering to local authorities

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

More than 450 rebels, and about 250 criminals that cooperated with rebel forces in the war surrendered to local authorities after Russian air strikes began last week reported the Syrian Arab News Agency.

In ​​Daraa region "armed opposition groups" started laying down their arms on Thursday and Friday last week and surrendering to local authorities. Government forces seized large number of assault rifles and sniper rifles in the region; the former rebels will be treated as specified in the national reconciliation program.

Syria's legitimate government announced a national reconciliation program for Syrian citizens who were not aware that a foreign power use them as tools in the country's destabilization.

The Assad government allows misled people to participate in a rehabilitation program and return to a peaceful way of life if they hand over their weapons to authorities and give up fighting.

So far the largest rebel surrender of the civil war took place in October 2014 when more than 1,500 insurgents laid down their weapons after the capture of Homs' city center.

The national reconciliation program was resuscitated after the intervention of the Russian Air Force last week as terrorist groups started fleeing their positions across the country.

According to Ria Novosti news agency, more than three thousand members of Al-Nusra Front fled the country after the army warned the public in Hama province that a major army offensive in the region is pending.

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