Camerawoman Petra László considers suing Fuckbook for hosting hate pages that threatening her

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Do you remember Petra László, the camerawoman whose story was blown way out of proportion a few weeks ago by the corporate media for tripping a migrant?

The mainstream media portrayed her as a heartless woman and by publishing manipulated photos and video footage of the incident misled TV watchers all around the world.

The photos show a migrant falling to the ground while holding a kid apparently, tripped by the camerawoman; as a result of the manipulative coverage hate pages popped up on Facebook issuing death threats against her.

Fifth column activists also filed a lawsuit against her threatening the camerawoman with 7 years in prison.

In an interview with, Petra László among other things said after her trial in December she would launch a lawsuit against Facebook for allowing hatemongers to issue death threats against her; even after writing to the social media the hate pages haven't been removed from the servers.

In the meantime, Facebook immediately removes support pages set up by her supporters.

The other thing she said was that video footage shot from different angles clearly show that in fact, she didn't kick the migrant as it was claimed by the mainstream media; the migrant fell to the ground as a result of a stampede when the crowd broke through the police cordon and officers tried to capture the escapees.

She also said that the family already taking Russian lessons because after her trial in December they consider moving to Russia because they don't feel safe in Hungary.

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Anonymous said...

refugee tripped by camera woman a terrorist and kid not his

Anonymous said...

Europeans Scramble For Guns Amid Islamic Immigrant Invasion: “Long Guns Sold Out”

Géza said...

It is very sad she and her family consider moving to Russia! Her place is among us Hungarians and we should support this brave woman and her family....

Anonymous said...

Two ringleaders of the Hungarian border assault were Jihadi butchers preparing attacks on European soil

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