Europe has been betrayed - solution to the migration crisis won't come from Brussels

Friday, October 30, 2015

(PM Viktor Orban gave an interesting speech today at a conference held by Christian Intellectuals. This is a quick summary of that part of the speech which deals with mass migration and the ongoing efforts to destroy Christian Europe.)

Europe has been betrayed, and if we don't stand up for it, it will be taken away from us said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Budapest on Friday at a conference called "Signs of the Times".

The prime minister said mass migration is not an accidental phenomenon but a controlled process run by money men who think beyond the framework of nation-states. Nobody has elected these people. If you wonder who these people are think of the Soros Foundation - said the prime minister before an audience of Christian Intellectuals.

The fact that thousands of migrants have been shipped to Europe every day is not a coincidence, it is "not the result of indecisiveness" (on the part of European politicians), but rather a conscious, left-wing (meaning globalist) mental construct as they (the runners of the show) are determined to bracket nation states. They couldn't eliminate Christianity by using conventional means so they are now trying to destroy it by deploying the ethnic weapon.

"To confront this conspiracy (yes, he used the term conspiracy), this betrayal of Europe we must turn to democracy, we must turn to the people" and ask them if they support or reject what has been happening today - the first step must be the launching of an European wide debate about mass migration. The objective should be the reinforcement of a strong Christian Europe.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Europe betrayed Hungary long ago

Anonymous said...

“There will be blood in the streets,” say diplomats as EU leaders force Eastern European countries to take in their “fair share” (tens of thousands) of Muslim invaders

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Parliament says EU has no legal basis to implement migrant quota scheme
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