Hungarians remembered the 1956 uprising across the country and the lost territories

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The largest October 23 commemoration rally was held in "Corvin Köz" by the Jobbik party. In his speech Jobbik President Gabor Vona recalled that the legendary leader of "Corvin Köz" resistance unit, Gergely Pongrátz handed over the flag of the revolution to the Jobbik party.

One of the speakers of the rally who fought in the uprising, Levente Murányi, the director of "Pesti Srácok" Institute recalled that the armed uprising maybe organized from above in order to quickly suppress it; but the Soviet Union did not reckon with the resistance of the Hungarian people who hated the communist system; events quickly went out of control, and the initial student demonstrations quickly exploded into a full blown uprising.

András Pongrátz, brother of Gergely Pongrátz who came home from the United States for the occasion has said six Pongrátz brothers fought in the "Corvin Köz" during the final days of the revolution as the Red Army launched a final assault on the capital.

Local residents gave them tomato sauce bottles, and the nearby gas station fuel to make Molotov cocktails.

He, then asked his audiences how come that the Soviet Liberation monument still stands in the center of Budapest. He recalled his brother, Gergely Pongrátz's words: "You have to carry the torch of the revolution forward, and the ideals for which so many comrades laid down their lives during the uprising. You have to carry the torch forward because the future belongs to you!"

Party President Gábor Vona's speech

András Pongrátz's speech

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