Message from an Austrian police officer: Ich liebe (I love) Viktor Orbán

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hungarian journalist from visited the Austrian - Slovenian border town of Spielfeld and found appalling condition in the transit zones where thousands of migrants waiting to be bused to refugee camps across Austria.

Upon arrival, the first thing the journalist noticed was the concentration of foul odor in the air. The smell of human excrement was so strong that not even the gusty wind could blow it away.

The border area has been covered by incredible amount of garbage that marked the border region as far as the eye could see.

Most of the trees on the Slovenian side of the border are damaged due to broken branches that the migrants use to make fire that keep them warm during the night.

The migrants on the Slovenian side are kept behind metal cordons waiting to be transported to various refugee camps across Austria.

The migrants often complain that there is not enough tents available in the transit zones; as a result, many of them had to spend the night in the open.

Austrian police officers told the Hungarian journalist that the migrants are quite dangerous. They arrive by the thousands and brawls are quite frequent in the transit zones; but the mainstream media is forbidden to report the incidents to protect the country's good image said the police officers.

Is it true that a fence will be built on the border soon? asked the journalist. The officers replied that they didn't know but they would welcome it. (The term “fence” is now, blacklisted in the European Union; so much so that Austrian politicians don't dare to say it publicly. The intimidation of politicians in the EU is so great that when the construction of a “fence” on the Austrian – Slovenian border came up Austrian officials started talking gibberish calling the fence “construction work involve building revolving gates and iron bars”. PM Viktor Orbán even joked about this fanny language in his radio interview on Friday. This is the point! "Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad".)

The police officers explained the operating principle of migrant transportation. As soon as migrants vacate a refugee camp (for instance, they leave for Germany) new ones can take their places – no more migrants than the available rooms are allowed to cross the border into Austria from the Slovenian side; then, the migrants can board the buses that take them to the refugee camp. More than 60 buses transporting migrants non-stop to various destinations across the country.

Fights are regular feature of the refugee camps said the officers stressing that this was inevitable when so many people confined to such a small space. Most of the crimes committed inside the camps involve mobile phones thefts.

A police officer inquired about the Hungarian refugee situation. When he was told that yesterday "only four illegal immigrants managed to slip in the country" he said lucky you. – edited by


Anonymous said...

Actually that smell was left by US ambassador to Hungary Colleen Bell after her visit.
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