PM Viktor Orbán actively looking for his successor

Thursday, October 15, 2015

According to, in a closed door meeting this spring Prime Minister Viktor Orbán indicated that it was time to start looking for his successor. I will be 52 years old soon, and I still have a couple of more years to go. I still can do push-ups but I also work hard to find my successor said the prime minister according to

The prime minister did not name the potential candidates but he described what characteristics his successor must possess to become a formidable leader.

The future prime minister must handle incessant character assassination attempts efficiently: the candidate must manage the attacks very well and has skills to protect himself or fight back. He who takes accusations personally and translates them into moral value judgments is a loser. This can't be done because he operates in a battle field. Those who can't take the attacks, and get worn down by them by taking the accusations personally and making moral dilemmas out of the attacks are unfit for the job he stressed.

In addition, the future head of government must have faith, courage, and spiritual strength otherwise, he can't protect the country's sovereignty.

It also does not hurt if the future leader of the country speaks several languages: "I can speak English, but that is not enough" said the prime minister stressing that the future leader of the country must speak two or more languages – if possible, one of them an Asian language (Chinese perhaps?).

The future prime minister doesn't have to be an expert on several fields. Expertise is the field of cabinet ministers but leader has to understand how the various fields of disciplines relate to one another.

According to Orbán, the future leader of the country must be very cautious when he selects his close associates (too many enemy agents are planted in every level of the political establishment).

A good candidate for the job doesn't philosophize about things like what does it mean being Hungarian, or what is a nation? Because this must be obvious even under the current difficult conditions; we are still here after 1100 years of struggle, and we still have our language - this struggle must be carried forward into the future as well he said.

But, the time for change is not yet here. When I feel that I don't have more new ideas and won't be able fix my mistakes, then I'll start contemplating stepping down, but the time is not yet ripe for that. I still see tremendous opportunities and challenges ahead of me, which carry me forward and motivate me to continue doing what I'm doing today he stressed.

The prime minister also remarked that he sees lots of talented young people emerging on the nationalist side of the political spectrum but he sees no talent on the (fake) left side.

Regarding the Jobbik party, the prime minister remarked that there was a ​very clear division between the Jobbik party's intellectual and ideological base and its voters. In his view, a substantial portion of Jobbik supporters made up by leftist voters, so the two parts can't be morphed into an organic whole because they are not compatible with one another.

Despite all this, the Jobbik party must be dealt with because it is a dynamic force; yet, we don't consider Jobbik as an alternative to the Fidesz party said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

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