PM Viktor Orbán: Solution won't come from Brussels

Monday, October 19, 2015

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's interview with German news magazine Focus.


Brussels stealthily expands its powers without the consent of individual states to create a "huge bureaucratic machine", which works according to its own logic; it considers nation states as rivals rather than partners.

Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl has never envisioned anything like that, he was "the great friend of smaller nations," and those countries have always trusted the German Chancellor. "This trust has lost today" - said Orbán.

The Prime Minister answered yes to the question of whether the asylum policy should remain in the competence of member states.

Greece doesn't comply with the Schengen agreement, and thus "Hungary and Austria got into an impossible situation." However, Hungary enforces the requirements of the Schengen agreement on the Hungarian-Serbian border, and starting this week, on the Hungarian-Croatian border as well. "It may be that some people don't like this" said the prime minister.

Replying to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's view that fences won't stop people from fleeing for their lives, the prime minister had this to say: Hungary is not a neighbor to either Syria or Iraq, and "those who come here do not flee for their lives." "Most of them are migrants who want a better life."

Europe can accommodate these migrants only temporarily and when the order will be restored in their home countries and their lives are no longer in danger they must return to their homeland. "We can not accommodate everyone," said Orbán.

Regarding his suggestion of a need for an illiberal new conservative movement in Europe the prime minister had this to say: certain issues should be interpreted in certain context; regarding the "refugee issue", the fashionable approach is to promote open borders, but in reality the borders should be controlled; this view however, is considered illiberal and politically incorrect.

The European elite's language is "ideological and doctrinaire" and anyone who says that eighty percent of migrants are military aged young man gets stigmatized and branded heartless.

Christian responsibility means that we should help people to "return to their previous lives".

The European way of life includes values such as freedom of thought and religion, equality before the law, and equality between men and women. These "cultural values must be protected"; but what we are experiencing in Europe today is the promotion of "parallel societies" where these values are unacceptable.

The Islamic religion and culture does not integrate well into Christian cultures because it has different values the prime minister said. In the western countries we are witnessing parallel societies or multicultural societies rather than melting pots", and Hungary doesn't favor this social model.

The "Islamic culture is stronger than ours," and have more respect for life; it puts a greater value on family. Hungarians feel in their bones the hundred and fifty years of Ottoman rule, during which "a separate Muslim and Hungarian world existed side by side."

The prime minister does not rule out that Islam may be compatible with democracy, but the Arab Spring's "bitter lessons" point to the other direction. Imposing Western style democracy on countries where the cultural model is not accommodating to this social construct doesn't do any good because even that little they have will collapse.

The prime minister cited a study by the European Commission, which indicates that the EU can solve it demographic problems through mass migration but Hungary disagrees with this conclusion, instead we focus on family support. This approach is considered old-fashioned in Europe said Orbán, noting that he is optimistic about the future of Hungary, but less so of Europe's future.

Regarding the differences between German and Hungarian assessment of the mass migration the prime minister had this to say: most of the German political elite believe that migrants are refugees but we think the opposite - this is a mass exodus. Germans are talking about two million migrants, we, on the other hand, talking about tens of millions because the African exodus hasn't started yet.

Our views on parallel societies also differ; we do not favor this model, "we believe that the refugee crisis brings troubles", but the Germans think that migration can have beneficial effects, and at the end everything turns out well.

Regarding the Syrian civil war and Russia's role in it, the prime minister remarked that the West was unable to solve the Syrian crisis and want to oust President Bashar al-Assad; the Russians, however, see no chance solving the crisis without Assad and Russia supports him; we still don't know how the Syrian crisis will work out in the end.

Regarding sanctions against Russia, the prime minister noted that the introduction of a European-style market economy in Ukraine hasn't succeeded and an increasing number of ethnic Hungarians come to Hungary as "economic refugees" adding that soon we might face a "migration problem" from the east as well.

Sanctions imposed on Russia was a mistake. Yet, no matter what the smaller countries say about this their opinions swept aside.

This means that we must coordinate our foreign policy with Berlin's interests. And the Germans are quite picky when it comes to defending their own interests as evidenced by the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline. Brussels shut down the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline in the meantime, the Nord Stream pipeline (that carries Russian gas to Germany) is getting expanded.

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The people are calling for the immediate resignation of Chancellor Angela Merkel and her entire regime of traitors.

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DUH you think.Solution won't come from Brussels because they are the cause of it.

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