Sweeping Hungarian success at Korean Traditional World Archery Tournament

Saturday, October 3, 2015

South Korea hosted the 9th Traditional Archery Tournament between September 18 to 23 that the Hungarian team once again dominated by winning six gold, two silver and two bronze medals.

According to information provided by the Hungarian Archery Federation, each of the target archery competition Hungarian athletes finished on the top. In men's target archery Tamas Hunyi, and in women's target archery Hunyiné Domokos Emőke won gold medals. In the team category Hungary also finished on the top.

In women's junior Kata Rácz won gold medal and men's junior Imre Szerencsi won silver medal.

In women's long distance shooting Hungarian athletes dominated the field - Hunyiné Domokos Emőke won gold, Andrea Skaliczki won silver and Judit Varga won the bronze medal.

In men's Ballistic archery competition Imre Szerencsi won gold in the women's category Hunyiné Domokos Emőke won bronze medal.

József Mónus has been granted honorary world champion title by the organizing committee in the 50-pound bow competition. The archery field turned out to be too short to accommodate Mónus' 467 m shot; as a result, his arrows flew off the cliff that bordered the archery field and none of them couldn't be recovered.

Mónus lost three of his best arrows. It takes 2-3 years to re-manufacture and test the arrows said the honorary world champion.

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