The German government to deport tens of thousands of migrants

Thursday, October 22, 2015

German newspaper Bild reported that the federal department responsible for asylum-seekers held a video-conference with leaders of the provinces, during which they agreed that the plan to deport migrants must be accelerated and implemented without warning. The German government starts informing the source countries of the pending procedure within days.

Earlier deportation procedures took into account the seasons - between November and March no one was sent back to their country of origin.

Under the new regulations, deportation will continue in winter as well; those whose asylum applications have been rejected will be rounded up without notice and deported to their home countries by using military transport aircrafts.

Every day tens of thousands of migrants arrive in Germany, and authorities are no longer able to provide them with adequate resources including shelter.

Bild reports that civilian flights will also be used to return the migrants to their home countries, but because of the high rejection rate of applications military transport aircrafts will also be deployed.

British newspaper The Times citing a "not publicly available" document indicating that deportation of migrants will begin within weeks. The EU intends to use mass deportation as a means of deterrence; it will get huge media coverage, and is designed to convince migrants it is better to stay at home.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier demanded on August 16 that authorities speed up the deportation procedures of illegal immigrants.

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