The Hungarian team finished seventh at 2015 World Solar Challenge competition in Australia

Friday, October 23, 2015

Megalux solar vehicle crossed the finish line Thursday morning around 9 o'clock in Eastern European time in Adelaide finishing 7th at 2015 World Solar Challenge competition where 30 teams competed against each other.

The value of the 7th place is highlighted by the fact that the first and the second place winners Dutch teams from Delft University and the third place winner Japanese team already competed at 2013 World Solar Challenge competition.

The Hungarian team, for example proved to be faster than the host Australian team.

Since 1987, the World Solar Challenge race is held every two years and it is the most prestigious solar car race in the world today; this year 46 vehicles from 25 countries took part in the race.

The main challenge of each team was to use as little solar energy as possible as the vehicles could use exclusively solar energy.

A fourteen-member team of Kecskemét College GAMF Faculty developed the Megalux solar vehicle, which has a futuristic shape and it was introduced to the public this summer. The vehicle is largely made of carbon fiber composite, weighing just 160 kilograms and is capable of up to 130 km / h top speed.

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