World Solar Car Challenge cross-continent race kicked off on Sunday in Darwin, Australia

Monday, October 19, 2015

Forty-five solar cars from twenty-five countries take part in the competition.

Hungary is represented by Kecskemét College of Engineering and Automation Engineering Faculty (GAMF) with their own developed Magalux solar vehicle.

The World Solar Car Challenge race will finish on October 25 in Adelaide.

The 3000 kilometers cross-continent race leads through very difficult terrains including deserts. A good indication of the challenges that participant have to face during the race is that in 2013 only 10 of the 33 vehicles reached the finish line.

The Hungarian team led by Senior Engineer Zoltán Kutasi; the main objective of the Hungarian team is to reach the finish line with their own built solar vehicle, which operates only with solar and kinetic energy.

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