Europe facing new middle-eastern migration surge

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The influx of migrants from Greece has accelerated as the Greek ferry strike is over. According to sources, close to 50 thousand migrants trapped in Greece, mostly in the island of Lesbos, due to the ferry strike. This mass of people is now on the move heading for Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. Their final destination is Germany, Sweden and Norway said one of the migrants talked to Hungarian journalists.

Hungarian journalists reporting that what they are witnessing along the Balkan migration route is nothing less than an unfolding disaster of epic proportions.

Hundreds of buses parking on the Serbian border to carry the migrants to Croatia; but, there are so many buses in the border zones that they have no place to park; the situation in the border zones is chaotic and utterly out of control reporting journalists from Serbia and Croatia.

According to Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec, until Thursday up to 20-30 thousand migrants can arrive in Slovenia, so the government must be prepared to deal with the situation.

Ljubljana fears that the influx can cause a major humanitarian disaster in the country. The Slovenian parliament held an emergency meeting late into the night on Monday discussing possible implementation of enhanced security measures.

According to the latest data released by Slovenian officials, since the closure of the Hungarian green border in mid-October, Slovenia registered 171,130 illegal immigrants.

Croatian Ministry of Interior reported that since the closure of the Hungarian-Serbian and Hungarian - Croatian green border 348 thousand migrants have been registered in Croatia.

The Hungarian government announced today that the all camp beds and tents that were used to house migrants in Hungarian refugee camps will be donated to Slovenia to help house the migrants.

Yesterday, 50 Hungarian police officers left for Slovenia to help the country's border protection force coping with the situation.

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar announced at Tuesday's extraordinary press conference that Ljubljana erects a technical barrier on its Schengen borders.

The goal is to divert migrants to certain border crossings. "The border won't be completely sealed," - said the prime minister.

He added that Slovenia will allow as many migrants as it can handle into the country. Slovenia has already informed the neighboring countries of its decision.



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