Expert: There is a clear east-west division among EU member states regarding mass migration

Monday, November 30, 2015

Sunday's EU-Turkey Summit clearly showed an east-west antagonism in terms of handling mass migration among the EU member states said the director of Fundamental Rights Center István Kovács to M1 TV evening news.

The EU leaders realized that without Turkey's active participation mass migration into Europe can't be solved, but they could not agree on the cost of solving the problem assessed the outcome of the summit István Kovács.

The analyst believes that there is a distinct east-west division among EU member states: while the eastern countries promote the protection of the EU borders, westerners prefer relocating immigrants from Turkey to Europe.

Due to this division, leaders of some western countries met in a closed session to hammer out the details of the planned migrant relocation program added the expert.

But there are inconsistencies in the adopted relocation plan; for instance, while Greece is likely to participate in the program, Italy which is in a very similar situations has been left out of the deal said Kovács.

Leaders of the Turkish-EU summit agreed to provide financial support, and visa-free travel to Turkish citizens as well as promised to accelerate Turkey's accession negotiations in the European Union in exchange for Turkey's efforts to curb illegal immigration to Europe.

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Turkey was the clear winner of the EU-Turkey summit told expert on Turkish relations Zoltán Egeresi to M1 TV Sunday night's show.

The EU met Turkey's main demands. Turkey will curb illegal migration to Europe, and in exchange for these measures the European Union will speed up visa liberalization talks with Turkey and the country receives EUR 3 billion financial aid to help financing more than 2 million refugees living in Turkish refugee camps.

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Anonymous said...

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Serbia (7.5 million)
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The Other Europe: An Interview on Intermarium by Tomasz Szczepański

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The countries of the area are often divided into two sub-regions, the Carpathian Mountains being the borderline: the proper Baltic-Black Seas Intermarium (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine) and the Danube-Balkan segment. Both sub-regions are collectively called the ABC area after the Adriatic, Baltic, and Black (Czarne in Slavic languages) Seas...

Anonymous said...

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