Former Beauty Queen Ildikó Polgár wins silver and bronze medals at Bologna Fitness European Championships

Monday, November 2, 2015

Former Beauty Queen Ildikó Polgár who had been beaten up and robbed by gypsy criminals two days before the contest has decided that despite her wounds she would compete at Bologna Fitness European Championships; this was the right decision because she won one silver and one bronze medals.

"In the bikini category I won second place..." she wrote on Facebook.

“My life is full and complete. I'm happy!" she added; she successfully got over the trauma caused by the attack; as it was reported before, two gypsy criminals beat her up and robbed her in broad daylight.

"My face and my arm are still hurting and today, I woke up shaking. But I invested so much energy and money in this competition that nothing can stop me to attend," she wrote right after the attack.

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