Hundreds of people rallied against mass migrations and mandatory quotas in Budapest

Thursday, November 19, 2015

We have to face the fact that Europe's current political leaders don't want or are unable to effectively tackle the immigration crisis and threats of terrorism; this was the most important message of Wednesday's demonstration held by the Jobbik party at the European Commission's Budapest office.

"We do not want immigration! We do not want terrorism " were the main slogans of the anti-immigration rally attended by several hundred people in beautiful springlike weather.

Speakers of the rally stressed that the only acceptable immigration policy is to implement zero-tolerance policy.

Western countries tend to escape into hedonism rather than face the challenges of mass migration which can lead to social catastrophe said Z. Kárpát Dániel.

The Jobbik politician also criticized the Orbán government for its failure to call a national referendum on immigration.

Jobbik spokesman Adám Mirkóczki remarked that two people, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker are mainly responsible for the ongoing migration crisis. Europe has hardy had more dangerous leaders than these two politicians.

Regarding the Hungarian political leadership's approach to the crisis, Mirkóczky recalled a shocking story when one government politician feverishly looked for the Islamic State on the map during parliament's National Security Committee meeting.

With such politicians we can't defend Europe, adding that the Orbán government is acting as required by the United States.

Mass migration is the result of the flawed middle-eastern policy of the US; countries like Hungary have nothing to do with this policy yet, these countries are expected to shoulder the consequences of this failed policy said the Jobbik politician.

Jobbik President Gábor Vona pointed out that the current mass exodus is no surprise - it was expected; and this is only the beginning. The European Union has to prepare a long-term migration wave, and continuing terrorist attacks; if the EU is not able to defend itself, we Hungarians still have to do it.

Every religion should be respected, but in its own social environment said Vona adding that Islam is not equal to the Islamic State; in the meantime, Hungary can't absorb huge mass of people whose culture can't be reconciled with the values of Hungarians.

According to Vona's opinion, two notions might motivate Merkel and Juncker in matters of mass migration: one to build a multicultural Europe, which is an aborted idea, and to recruit cheap labor for German multinational corporations.

Vona also pointed out that migrants would take the mandatory quota system as an invitation to come to Europe; it is a Trojan horse built by the enemies of Europe.

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Géza said...

Most of what Vona said is true. It is sad he still calls islam different from IS, which is not. It is exactly how Mohammed lived and many muslims according to his example in the 1400 year of muslim history. Vona has to educate himself about islam or if he knows, stop lying to it's followers about the true face of the teachings of islam. Here one of the best and objective sites about islam.

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