Hungary does not accept mandatory settling quota

Friday, November 6, 2015

The Hungarian Government respects Germany’s desire to let immigrants in, but finds it inconceivable that this decision should be binding on any other countries, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office said. János Lázár spoke about this at the press conference “Governmentinfo 29 – Government actions explained” which he held jointly with Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács.

In response to the German Chancellor’s statement whereby immigration should be legalised, Mr Lázár said: Germany intends to impose its own will on Europe. If Germany has a guilty conscience for any reason, and wants to let just anyone in, it is free to do so, but this cannot be compulsory for Hungary, he added.

In Hungary, there is a need for supporting Hungarian families, rather than supporting the settling of migrants, Mr Lázár pointed out.

The Minister also informed the press: the Government decided at its meeting held on Wednesday on upholding the emergence procedure applicable to the four southern counties.

Mr Lázár remarked: he does not wish to comment on the fact that Austria deployed razor-wire on the Slovenian border because he wants to avoid making the same mistake as the Austrian politicians who, in his view, „were talking from upon a high horse”, and condemned the country and the Prime Minister upon the construction of the fence. „We have an interest in the settlement of Austrian-Hungarian relations true to our traditions – including ’48 – and in reinforced cooperation”, he stated, and therefore, as he said, they will not call them to account regarding the human rights and European values for which they called Hungary to account.

Mr Lázár described the cooperation of the Visegrád countries on the issue as exemplary, and informed the press that the Polish contingent of 43 border guards is also on its way.

Regarding the mandatory European settling quota, he repeated the Government’s conviction: we need to support the Hungarian people, rather than support the settling of migrants. He also deemed the opinion of the electorate on the issue important, and welcomed the collection of signatures launched upon an initiative of Fidesz in the interest of refusing the quotas. He stressed: we must conduct a social and parliamentary debate in the next few weeks so that we may contest the EU’s decision.

He pointed out: the institution of the quotas is an invitation to everyone who is worse off than the Europeans. It would not just mean the settling of migrants coming here but also benefits to be provided on a mandatory basis – pensions, social benefits – which, in the event of some pan-European standardisation, could even be higher than the benefits provided in Hungary.

In answer to the comment that some migrants are allegedly unable to leave the country, he said: the Prime Minister requested a report on the issue which is currently being investigated.

Mr Lázár reiterated: he is convinced that migrants were previously transported to the Hungarian border sections in an organised campaign. They were equipped and informed, and someone had to finance this. There are some for whom this is a political agenda, he remarked, adding that Hungary’s position is – which it will also represent at the EU summit – that we do not need immigrants at all.

He called into question the feasibility of the possible expulsion of migrants back to Hungary, asking the question: with what means would they be able to achieve this – at gunpoint, with kind words or with financial motivation perhaps? Foreign authorities have so far informed Hungary of the possible expulsion of some 40,000 migrants back to Hungary, but “we shall not take anyone back in”, he pointed out, adding: the individuals concerned did not first enter the territory of the EU in Hungary.

The Minister was also asked about German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s warning that the Western Balkans states could be plunged back into war. He answered: he sees no signs indicating this.



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