Parliament rejects the mandatory quota system

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The parliament adopted a resolution on the quota system declaring that the European Commission has no legal basis to compel EU member states to implement the quota system.

The resolution was adopted with 141 in favor, 27 against and one abstention.

The Socialist party and the Gyurcsany gang voted against the bill. These two parties made up by former communists; they are fanatical supporters of globalization, the elimination of nation states and the colonization of the country by multinational corporations.

The European Commission is working on a plan that would force member states to settle millions of migrants in their territories upsetting and eventually eliminating the culture of the native population.

It is important to note that this is not a one time initiative but an open-ended process, which will go on until the native population completely disappears from their native land.

If we take into account that the African exodus hasn't started yet future prospects for Europe don't look very promising.

Jobbik President Gábor Vona rightly remarked that the quota system is an invitation for migrants by telling them that Europe is up for grab.

The goal of the puppet masters is to create parallel societies in member states; these groups then, can be pitted against each other ad infinitum so dividing native societies along ethnic lines in the spirit of divide and conquer.

The quota system would force Hungary to settle 12 to 15 thousand migrants annually; it is not hard to see that this amount of migrants would fundamentally change the cultural make up of the country within a generation.

Fidesz faction leader Lajos Kósa announced that the party will launch a signature collection campaign against mandatory quotas - the result of the campaign will be sent to Brussels.

In addition, Fidesz will publicly call on the government to challenge the quota system at the European Court. In the coming days, Fidesz will table a bill in parliament that if passed prohibits any cabinet to accept migrants into the country without parliamentary authorization.

The Fidesz politician stressed that the mandatory quota system is contrary to the EU law as well, because it confines migrants into a particular location so restricting their freedom of movement, which is a fundamental human right in the European Union.

The Head of the Prime Minister Office János Lázár at his Thursday's press conference reacted to a German initiative to make the quota system mandatory in the European Union. The Hungarian government respects Germany's decision to let immigrants into its territory, but he considers unthinkable that this decision should be binding in any other member state said Lázár.

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1.5 Million Hungarians Have Signed To Stop The EU’s Asylum Policies
Hungary should quit nato and eu and become neutral.

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