Puzzle for kids of homosexual parents

Monday, November 9, 2015

Members of the socialist party (former communists) and other weirdos sitting on opposition benches in the Hungarian parliament who actively promote rectal romance, bum sex and other sexual aberrations in society pretend outrage over a child drawing exhibited in the Hungarian parliament by Jobbik youth wing.

The globalist vampires with shrinking voter base call the artwork homophobe.

Interesting to note that 70% of readers of the extremist globalist news portal that broke the news don't consider the artwork homophobe.

Jobbik youth wing organized a nationwide drawing competition for young kids several months ago. One of the drawings that the young artist called "Puzzle for kids of homosexual parents" was also selected among the winning entries.

Congratulation to the young artist.

Jobbik spokeswoman Dóra Dúró called the artwork original and its creator a creative child artist. The artwork provides clear guidelines to those suffer from gender confusion to find their way back to normalcy with a compatible partner to be productive members of society.

This brilliant rendering of the dilemma of young kids live in same sex relationship must be promoted and exhibited among wider audiences.

As a member of the selection committee, I'm proud of this very original, sexy and trendy creation that outraged several extremist liberal groups. The young artist used brilliant logic to make it clear that the only way to save the nation is to find the right partner commented Jobbik MP Dóra Dúró on Facebook.

The winning entries of the child drawing competition exhibited in parliament

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