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Monday, November 2, 2015

Csenge Szepesi won gold medal at WKO Shinkyokushin Karate World Championships in Tokyo this weekend. Japanese journalists couldn't believe that Csenge wasn't a professional fighter, but she works as a dentist.

Csenge Szepesi is the athlete of Sopron Kamikaze SE and works in Vienna as a dentist. She is three time European Champion in sparring and in 2009 she won gold medal at Budapest Kyokushin Karate World Championships.

In the eighth-finals in Tokyo she defeated a Japanese opponent and in the quarter-finals a Lithuanian opponent.

In the semi-final she fought again with a Japanese opponent; by winning the first two rounds the judges declared her a winner.

In the final, Csenge fought against Juri Minamihara of Japan who couldn't even score point against her; she won the rounds 0-0, 2-0, 5-0.

At a press-conference in Tokyo, Japanese journalists could not believe that she wasn't a professional karateka but works as a dentist and practices karate as a hobby. They had hard time to believe that as an amateur karateka she beat several top Japanese fighters.

Csenge told journalists that she trains ten times a week, and she also enjoys doing aerobic workout and cross-country running; but she has many other "crazy ideas" as well. “I have tons of ideas which are my constant inspirations in life. I think I was born under a lucky star and maybe, even God helping me as well." said Csenge to journalists.

The full contact rule-based World Championship attended by 100 competitors from nearly 300 countries; Hungary has been represented by seven athletes.

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