The controlled media lied about a migrant incident took place in Hungary this summer

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Austria's corporate media lied about an incident took place this summer, in Bicske, Hungary. The case involved a migrant who pushed his wife on the railway tracks as a form of protest against Hungarian immigration procedures.

The corrupt media machine created a fanciful story out of the incident suggesting that the woman and her child fell on the railway tracks as a result of police action.

The media ethics board of Austria established that those reports had no truth value at all - they were brazen lies.

Despite a video footage shot on the seen showing an aggravated migrant abusing his wife, corporate media lackeys disregarded the facts and created a fictitious story out of the incident.

The Austrian press council issued a statement stating that the media knowingly misrepresented the facts in the reports, which need to be corrected.

Investigation of the media reports started after readers complained about the media lies.

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