The government plans to establish a Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hungary

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hungary can be a regional center for traditional Chinese medicine if the planned project to establish a traditional Chinese treatment center with research and training capabilities goes ahead as planned said Secretary of Human Resources Department Bence Rétvári on Thursday in his opening speech at Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference held in Budapest.

Rétvári said that Hungary was committed to further expand Sino-Hungarian relations of which one important aspect could be the establishment of the Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Demand for non-conventional, complementary therapies grow worldwide; it is important that the government create reliable conditions for training and remedial practices in the country.

Rétvári pointed out that there was room for the coexistence of traditional western medicine, and the knowledge of thousands of years of Chinese healing practices – as the two can complement each other.

Chinese embassy official in his welcome speech spoke about expanding Hungarian-Chinese bilateral relations that are developing rapidly; bilateral relations have been developing in many areas including trade, investment, finance, agriculture, tourism, culture and education.

The Chinese embassy official remarked that a new Confucius Institute was opened in March at Pécs University with the aim to promote the exploration of traditional Chinese medicine, which is an integral part of Chinese culture.

The fact that the Hungarian government attaches such a great importance to this project pleases the Chinese side.

According to plans, the Chinese Medicine & Therapy Center could be constructed in Budapest fifteenth district; the medical complex would incorporate educational and research facilities as well.

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