The Hungarian government has no choice but to challenge the mandatory quota system in the European Court of Justice

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The parliament passed a new legislation today ordering the government to challenge the mandatory quotas in the European Court of Justice.

The new legislation supported by the Fidesz and the Jobbik parties and opposed by the globalist opposition (the socialist party, and the other fringe parties).

The bill echoes the opinion of several responsible government and opposition politicians by reiterating that the European Council's decision ignored the national parliaments' concerns over the quota system.

According to the European Council's dictate adopted on September 22, the EU member states must settle more than 120 thousand migrants before September 2017.

The EU decision was opposed by Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Romania at the time of acceptance, and Finland abstained.

The preamble of the new legislation among other things, condemns the European Commission's flawed immigration policies including the obligatory resettlement of migrants in Hungary – the quota system poses security concerns and has a potential to increase crime in the country; it is also a threat to Hungary's national culture.

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