The refugee situation in Europe is getting gloomier by the day

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is very pessimistic about the future of Europe - to find solution to the ongoing refugee crisis. Speaking to Hungarian reporters after the Valletta EU summit on Thursday, the prime minister remarked that Europe is now expecting Turkey to provide security for the continent rather than getting its own act together and start defending its own borders.

They want to bring another one million migrants into Europe from Turkey that Hungary rejects.

The prime minister said the situation appears to be getting increasingly hopeless for finding solution to the migration crisis: while tens of thousands of undocumented migrants arrive in Europe each day series of discussions leading to nowhere keep continue in the European Union.

Europe is not only got no closer to a solution, but now, it is sailing on dangerous waters because the summit only decision was that the EU starts negotiating with Turkey as a strategic partner.

This could be in theory not a bad decision, but in its current form strategically wrong, because Europe should avoid maneuvering itself into a situation that implies that it can't solve its own problems without outside help said the prime minister.

It seems that Europe gave up its plan to defend its own borders; instead, it starts negotiations with Turkey in the hope that somebody else will do that for it. The once-proud Europe now relegated to "begging" for its own security said Orbán.

The Hungarian position was that first, build a "tenable line of defense" at the EU borders and only after sit down to negotiate with the Turks – but the Hungarian proposition was rejected.

The prime minister also remarked that although so far "no one has decided, and no one has approved," the proposal but plans to bring one million more migrants into Europe from Turkey and disseminate them among the EU member states is already in the process of implementation. Hungary must reject this plan - he said.

It is unacceptable to bring one million people from Turkey to Europe, and distribute them among countries that did not approve the plan said the prime minister.

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