We are willing to pay, but we do not accept forced resettlement of migrants in Hungary - Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hungary wants to receive a guarantee from the EU before adopting the new action plan on refugee resettlement to make sure that the plan won't have detrimental effect on the country said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán before the European Union and Turkey's extraordinary summit held in Brussels on Sunday.

The prime minister expressed his hope that there will be no forced resettlement of migrants, and no EU Member State will be forced to provide shelter for migrants under the planned agreement with Turkey.

The Prime Minister stressed that Hungary has blocked such efforts before; the consequences will be reflected in the EU-Turkey agreement.

PM Viktor Orbán stressed that the action plan to be adopted will be supported by Hungary; he expressed his hope that it will be effective and will mitigate migratory pressures on the European Union and Hungary.

Before the summit, leaders of the Visegrad countries held a separate meeting to coordinate their responses to the action plan.

Before the summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a special meeting with representatives of member states that are willing to settle migrants in their countries.

About 400 thousand refugees will be shipped to Europe from Turkey, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine SonntagsZeitung.

The European Commission organized meeting attended by representatives of Austria, Germany, the Benelux countries, Sweden, Finland and Greece.

The final communiqué of the EU-Turkey summit adopted Sunday doesn't force member states to adopt the mandatory quota system in connection to the planned relocation of migrants from Turkey to Europe said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Brussels on Sunday.

Dropping the mandatory quotas from the final declaration is a clear guarantee for Hungary that opposes the mandatory distribution of migrants among member states.

The prime minister expressed the hope that countries that showed interests in relocating migrants in their countries made a good deal and managed to convince Turkey to control the flow of migrants into Europe.

The adopted text does not address how many migrants will Europe let in and in what way the relocation will take place, but there was a clear indication on the part of several leaders that an unknown number of migrants must be admitted to Europe for resettlement said the prime minister.

The European Union offered € 3 billion to Turkey for two-year period to help the country cope with the expenses of managing migrants informed the press MP Viktor Orbán adding that Hungary's contribution will be 18 million, which he called a fair sum.

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Paying for the invasion‘Secret’ German plan to resettle 500,000 Syrian refugees across Europe unveiled this week

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Will erdogon and eu gaurd the border if Hungary pays?
If Hungary does'nt pay ect. will take back with 1 hand what it gave with the other? Will any sacrifices justify staying in the eu?

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