We live in intensely crazy and interesting times – PM Viktor Orbán

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Europe is under siege, but most people do not feel the weight of the changes, the fact that their culture and their way of life are challenged on a daily basis said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in his opening speech at the World Science Forum (WSF), on Wednesday in Budapest.

What is happening in the global sphere today "can collapse and bury all forms of life we have known of", therefore, the stakes are huge.

The migration crisis, the fear that we're out of options, and have no adequate strength, knowledge and tools to resume the normal way of life invade our thoughts; therefore, we have to look for new answers together, that's why Forums like this have extraordinary importance said the prime minister.

When a leading western politician speaks today, his main topic is surely mass-migration, which is the most important issue of our time.

The prime minister said: We live in an intensely crazy and interesting time. A huge worldwide exodus keeps our continent under constant pressure and the whole world is watching with dismay what's happening.

We confront a huge Middle-Eastern exodus, while tens of millions of people in other parts of the world are preparing to move - they are looking for new homes for themselves. We are experiencing one of history's greatest mass migrations of which we don't see the end; but, we know it will have tragic consequences for our future said PM Orbán.

Economic migrants, refugees, and other drifting mass of people moving toward our shores without control and supervision. Europe is under siege.

"What is happening, what is going to happen and what we allow to happen," go beyond the confines of Europe and Western civilization. Behind the processes, there is a global movement; a realignment of the global power structure has been taking place as we speak, which can have far-reaching consequences - even armed conflicts can't be ruled out.

Because mass migration is a global phenomenon, the whole world must take part in the process of searching for solutions and help preserving peace on earth because it is in everyone's interest said Orbán.

There are two kinds of people; those who see, and those who don't see what's happening. Those who see reality as it is and those who are daydreaming. There are people who are trapped in the problems of the times, yet, understand that the world is always more than appearances; those people raise new questions and try to find new answers. Today, we need the latter type of individuals in politics. Science can be of great help, because the essence of science is to look for what is not yet known, explained Orbán adding that we must convince ourselves that we still have options to face the challenges.

Scientists should aid people to find solutions to their problems. History shook itself, and if we are not careful, reality can bury us all he added.

Today "we are blindly racing toward an uncertain future" - nothing good can come out of this. We must return to the path of reason and revive our self-defense mechanism - humanity's core values can't become prey to the changing times triggered by the tremors of the global universe concluded his speech the prime minister.

More than one hundred countries sent delegates to the World Science Forum held in Budapest this week. Topics of discussion included issues of international cooperation, disaster risk reduction, climate change, global pandemics, health hazards, relationship between science and innovation, and the challenges of global migration.

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