Ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia wish to form a Hungarian Administrative District

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

One hundred and fourteen settlements in Transcarpathia expressed their desire to form a "Special Hungarian Administrative District" in Ukraine with Beregszász as a center.

The news appeared in "Golos Karpat" internet site.

The initiative has been embraced by "The Cross-border alliance of local governments" (Határ menti önkormányzatok szövetsége) that met recently in Beregszász.

The municipal election results offer an opportunity to ethnic Hungarian-populated regions to form a Hungarian administrative district in Transcarpathia said MP László Brenzovits who represents the Hungarian community in the Ukrainian parliament.

Member of the local municipal council Karolina Dorcsi said currently, the Ukrainian government moving toward power concentration rather than decentralization and the local governments don't receive any financial support.

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