Hungarian Taekwondo delegation toured South-Korea

Sunday, December 20, 2015

As part of an agreement between the International Taekwondo Federation (WTF) and Korean KHU (KYUNG HEE UNIVERSITY) a Hungarian taekwondo delegation visited South-Korea to take part in a multi-week training program.

The university offers taekwondo as a major program focusing on courses like TKD philosophy, strategy, fighting, kata, and so on.

The Hungarian delgation included Gyula Schautek (SKE Tkd Too Kyun, 5. DAN), Márta Hasitz (Pro Active TKD, 2 DAN), Alajos Szedoglavits (SE Békéscsaba flats, 2 DAN), Dr.Dezso Németh (Too Kyun TKD ECC, 1. DAN) and Dániel Galambos (MTK, 1. DAN).

Courses started at 9 am - and with small interruptions – went on until half past ten at night said the participants. The program is available for active competitors as well as coaches.

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