Hungary is the first EU country that starts selling new Lada passenger cars

Monday, December 21, 2015

After lengthy preparations the Lada model returned to Hungary on December 17, 2015. The cheapest model sells for less than HUF 2 million (EUR 6,000) with surprisingly generous warranty conditions.

The first Lada models started selling in Hungary on June 14, 1971 under the Kadar regime. Ladas were part of the urban landscape for decades; taxi companies also used the Lada models exclusively during the communist era.

Hungary used to be one of the most important export markets for Lada passenger cars during the communist era; this explains why the manufacturer has chosen Hungary as the first EU country to sell the new Lada models.

The manufacturer of the Lada brand decided in 2014 to reorganize the company and start selling cars in Europe as well. They greatly improved quality control in part by hiring Renault-Nissan group designers and other foreign experts that had experience in company management.

The Hungarian importer expects at least one thousand car sales the next year. Rather than the four originally planned dealership, nine will open across the country.

Allegedly, so far, one hundred companies applied for permit to re-sell the Lada brand.

The company also plan to sell two-seater commercial vehicles later on.

Presently, customers can chose from the following models

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