Persecution of the Hungarian community in Romania shifted into higher gear – second member of the HVIM has been taken into custody on fabricated terrorism charges

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Romanian organized crime and counter-terrorism agency raided the home of Kézdivásárhely head of the Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM) Zoltan Szőcs on Tuesday reported Székelyfö news portal.

Szőcs has just arrived home from France to spend the holiday with his family. He was apprehended by police while visiting his girlfriend.

Police searched Szőcs' apartment seizing books by novelists Albert Wass and various national and HVIM symbols. The younger brother of the suspect talked to several lawyers asking them to be present during the house search, but all refused the request. Szőcs has been taken to Bucharest for further questioning.

Apparently, Romanian authorities tried to prevent Szőcs' attorney to be present during the interrogation of the suspect; later, reluctantly, but allowed the lawyer to represent his client.

Romanian police also searched Szőcs grandmother's home with the obvious intent to intimidate the Hungarian community in Romania.

A few weeks earlier, the local leader of the Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement István Beke was also arrested on fabricated terrorism charges.

Székely Hungarians think that the ongoing witch-hunt against members of the HVIM is part of an intimidation campaign against the Hungarian community to discourage its legitimate autonomy aspirations.

The HVIM Erdély wing protested against the harassment of its members, and demanded that the prosecutor's office release the audio recording in which the detainees allegedly called for violent acts.

The Romanian and Székely communities have the right to find out what kind of lies they were fed by authorities when suggested that the suspects wanted to commit violent acts in Romania.

We are confident that such calls have never happened and patiently waiting for the publication of evidence against the suspects write the HVIM in a statement issued today.

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