PM Viktor Orbán's speech before Fidesz congress delegates on Sunday – some of the highlights

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

“Hungarians never ask other people's money and won't ever be dependent on others. We built on these ideas in 2010, when we took control of the country that everybody has written off."

"We've learned the first principle of the pit: If you're in it, stop digging."

"...It is important to know our supporters; their virtues, their strengths and their faults... We believe in the people, who in every age, in spite of the difficulties were able to rebuild their country. We only need to provide opportunity to the people to realize their dreams."

"...Today, Hungary is one of Europe's safest countries. Many countries would be happy, if they had a stable financial system like ours, and a finance minister who was elected the finance minister of the year - not for nothing. Today, we do not navigate anymore in the swamp, but our economy is steadily improving; yet, we don't forget that there are still tough fights ahead of us."

"We [the Fidesz party] have been here for thirty years - a good news for our supporters, and a bad news for our opponents – and we intend to stick around for the next thirty years as well."

"Our strength lies in our ability to bring brave decisions and set goals that others find impossible to set. We completed the unification of the county and introduced the dual citizenship law; we said that overhead costs can be reduced... Who would have thought back then that foreign currency indebtedness could be eliminated?"

"We start a calm and thorough discussion on the development of a viable social arrangement for the future of our country from which new ideas and new directions may emerge...we approach issues differently than those parties that governed the country before 2010. First and foremost, we listen to people's opinion, because when the stakes are high people's support is paramount, without which we can't forge ahead."

"We fight if need be, we retreat if need be and we make compromises if necessary; in the Fidesz party everyday patriotism is the norm." (Note: The prime minister probably read The Art of War by Sun Tzu because this paragraph sounds to me like a page out of the book ed.)

"Millions or even tens of millions of people around the world are about to leave their homes to find new ones in Europe. The European Union has no plan to halt the flood, instead, it wants to let them in. This road is impassable. Europe can't handle so many people. It can't provide jobs and housing for that huge mass of people. Europe will collapse under such burden. In addition, we must also deal with terrorism. Whether we like it or not, it must be said: migration increases crime, wherever a substantial number of migrants settled down, crime rate significantly increased."

"Parallel societies are being formed across Europe; immigrants hold their own customs more important than those of the native cultures. Migrants have no intention of integrating into European societies. The world of parallel societies slowly but surely wiping out our traditional way of life. If the trend continues, we will lose Europe...the phenomenon of mass migration is not an accident, but a planned and well executed process."

"Europe's past, its very foundation and its future are based on Christian values - of course, we must stay open, but openness can not result the destruction of our cultures."

"We have to close the current chapter in our history, and open a new one. The past 25 years belonged to liberalism both in Hungary and Europe. Today, liberal ideology lost its attractiveness, it exhausted itself. We don't expect anything exciting emerging from this ideology... it can't solve economic problems and can't protect the population from mass migration... Liberalism has invented new taboos, and introduced political correctness. It has become the enemy of freedom; it pays no attention to people's concerns and democratic principles. We must restore democracy in Europe because the coming era will be either democratic, or won't be at all. It is high time to close the current chapter in European history and open a new one both in the political and intellectual spheres."

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