Rosatom is ready to cooperate with Hungarian companies around the world

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation is ready to cooperate with experienced Hungarian companies not only in the Paks project, but in other projects as well said the Russian state-owned nuclear energy group Rosatom Deputy-Genearal Manager Kirill Komarov to M1 TV at Atomex Europe 2015 conference and exhibition in Budapest on Monday.

Rosatom official stressed that the construction of the Paks power plant promotes investment and social development in Hungary.

Cooperation with Hungarian companies will be very intense during the different phases of the construction of the Nuclear Power Plant. According to the agreement, Hungarian companies may receive up to 40 percent of the contract jobs if comply with requirements and observe the regulations of the European Union.

Komarov pointed out that Hungarian companies have significant expertise in the field. They accumulated 30 years of manufacturing and service related experiences while operating the Paks nuclear power plant that Rosatom will take into account when building the new nuclear power blocks.

In connection with the European Commission's investigation of the Paks project the deputy chief executive officer remarked that Rosatom has no direct link to the EU; it has a contract with its Hungarian partners, but the company is ready to provide information to the EU investigation committee if necessary.

Nuclear power plant construction is a long-term project; just the preparation of the work takes three years to complete; the manufacture of the power blocks will begins only after that. Due to these peculiarities, it would be better to conclude all unsettled issues before the actual construction begins said the Rosatom official.

Komarov pointed out that Russian built nuclear power plants are the safest in the world. The technology meets all post-Fukushima requirements, and have been chosen by several customers around the world.

Rosatom nuclear power plants are well tested; currently, six blocks which are exactly the same as the planned Paks blocks are under construction in Russia, and more such blocks are being designed for Finland, Egypt and Vietnam.

Kirill Komarov added that many European countries prefer nuclear energy to other alternative power sources – these countries include Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Bulgaria, where 40 to 60 percent of electricity is supplied by nuclear power plants - in France, this ratio is almost 90 percent.

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