Sultan Suleiman's tomb has been discovered near Szigetvár

Thursday, December 10, 2015

A group of Hungarian experts found an Ottoman burial site near Szigetvár, which could be Sultan Suleiman's tomb announced the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency at its Wednesday's press conference in Budapest.

University of Pécs Eastern Mediterranean and Balkan Studies Centre Director Norbert Pap said: In all probability a group of experts found the grave site of Sultan Suleiman I. The excavation site includes a mausoleum, and the remains of a unique Ottoman village, which has been located at a Szigetvár vineyard.

However, to be absolutely certain that Sultan Suleiman's tomb has been found first, we have to excavate the other buildings as well to establish connection among the remains said the professor.

Professor of Middle East Technical University Ali Uzay Peker emphasized that the most important part of the discovery is the Ottoman-period settlement and the tomb is part of it. The professor said Hungarian experts have done an excellent job; they researched Hungarian and German sources, and the Turkish side researched the Ottoman sources.

It is clear that the discovered settlement is part of a 16th century Ottoman buildup complex, but it still can not be established with absolute certainty, which building is the mosque and which one is the tomb stressed Ali Uzay Peker.

Turkish Ambassador to Hungary Sakir Fakili stressed that the joint research effort explored a piece of Hungarian-Turkish history and cultural heritage. He highlighted the fact that the discovery is the first Ottoman settlement found in Hungary.

The ambassador noted that 2016 will be the 450th anniversary of Miklós Zrínyi and Sultan Suleiman's death. Commemoration services are planned at the anniversary in Szigetvár, which will further cement Hungarian - Turkish friendship.

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