Swimmer Katinka Hosszú criticized the Hungarian Swimming Federation for not providing proper training conditions for athletes

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Multiple World Champion Swimmer Katinka Hosszú criticized the Hungarian Swimming Federation for not doing enough to help improving athletes training conditions yet, it expects world-class results from them.

I moved back home in 2012 to be part of Hungarian swimming sport, and to inspire future Hungarian swimmers. But I had to face the fact that, although the Hungarian Swimming Federation expects world-class results from athletes, it falls short of providing suitable training conditions for swimmers said Katinka in a statement released to the press on Tuesday.

The truth is that the system is broken and I can't continue to pretend that all is well, she writes.

In the current system swimmers and coaches have to waste most of their time and energy arguing on various issues.

"When someone takes courage to stand up and spell out the truth, officials ignore the complainer, and the problem raised.

I know I will make myself target to attacks for speaking out on issues plaguing the system; I do it because I feel it is time to stand up not only for myself but also other athletes as well," Katinka writes.

I feel my career will be complete only if I manage to bring about positive changes in Hungarian swimming sport she told to journalists.

"Unfortunately, my request to improve training conditions was turned down after multiple negotiations and consultation with sports officials.

They told me they meet my needs only if I allow them to use my name and face for advertising the 2017 World Swimming Championships in Budapest. I was shocked to hear that.

"I felt it was time to tell my opinion publicly. It maybe that a lot of people won't like what I say, but moving forward sometimes takes painful decisions.”

Please, do not take this statement as an attacks on the Hungarian Swimming Federation. My only goal is to start a dialogue and bring positive changes in Hungarian swimming sport," Katinka said.

In the Komjadi swimming pool where Katinka trains, she doesn't have her own locker; she has to carry her cloths in a bag wherever she goes.

There are no masseurs available for athletes and there is no camera system set up, which would allow coaches to analyze athletes' swimming techniques.

Katinka also suggested that instead of going to Florida training camp Hungarian swimmer should remain and train at home; the Hungarian Swimming Federation should consider inviting foreign coaches – like Michael Phelps' coach - to give lectures during conferences.

The President of the Hungarian Swimming Federation Tamas Gyárfás reacted to Kantinka's statement by encouraging other swimmers to speak up if they have any grievances because sweeping issues under the carpet is good for no one.

Gyárfás said they've already ordered a camera system for HUF 73 million from the Netherlands, which would be set up very soon.

Katinka also requested her own camera, which soon will arrive, just like the ice tubs, that will be in place soon.

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