The World Federation of Hungarians calls on the Hungarian government to interfere in István Beke's case who is held in jail on fabricated terrorism charges

Thursday, December 31, 2015

The federation reminds the Hungarian government that dual citizen István Beke asked for Hungarian consular protection.

The World Federation of Hungarians reminds the public that Beke's arrest is part of an intimidation campaign by Romanian authorities to block the legitimate autonomy aspirations of Székely Hungarians.

A Romanian court extended the arrest of the suspect with another 30 days without providing credible evidence supporting the terrorism charges.

The family of the suspect informed the federation that Beke requested Hungarian consular protection.

The World Federation of Hungarians warns the Hungarian government that Romania might use the fabricated terrorism charges against members of the ethnic Hungarian community to win support for its heinous plan to partition Székelyland region and attach the parts to Romanian majority regions, which would violate international law.

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