Tragic victim of the 1956 revolution

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Two-time Hungarian Champion Pentathlete István Hegedűs was born on October 23, 1924, and he was shot by Bolshevik criminals 59 years ago on October 24, 1956.

In the early morning hours on October 24, 1956 the athlete was heading for "Sportuszoda" training center to start his daily training session. Near Sofia street, he met a group of resistance fighters burning communist propaganda materials. At that moment, a truck arrived at the scene, with a group of Bolshevik hit men that roamed the streets of Budapest in the final days of the revolution hunting down everyone they considered a member of the resistance movement.

Pentathlete István Hegedűs was caught in the crossfire - he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time - he died on the scene never reaching the training center.

Bolshevik street thugs - also known as the fist of the working class - made up by psychopaths and savages employed by the communist party that rode to power on Soviet tanks after the resistance was put down.

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István Hegedűs posed for the designer of the HUF 20 bill Endre Horváth in 1948; his picture was on the bill until 1992 when it was withdrawn from circulation.

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Saint Ilona Tóth, the Hungarian Jeanne d'Arc is a Angel of mercy and great Hungarian pariot

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