A Japanese man applied for political asylum in Moldova

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Japanese citizen Hokudsima Hiroshi applied for political asylum in Moldova. He argued that Japan was unlivable because it was infected with the spirit of American capitalism and technology.

The refugee claimant would like to remain in Moldova, because it is a relaxed, unpretentious, and traditional country. His application however, was rejected, but he appealed the decision.

Hokudsima Hiroshi left Japan in 2006, and arrived in Moldova one year ago.

He applied for political asylum in September last year. According to Moldova Immigration and Refugee Board officials argued that the Japanese man's application was rejected because he couldn't prove that he was persecuted in his home country.

Hokudsima Hiroshi challenged the court decision. "Together with my lawyer we expect a second hearing from the Court of Appeal," said the refugee claimant.

He argued that the Japanese government became aware of his intention to apply for political asylum and putting pressure on Moldovan government officials forcing them to reject his application.

Hokudsima Hiroshi currently, lives in a Moldovan refugee camp.


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