An even larger influx of refugees is expected in the coming years

Sunday, January 10, 2016

An even larger influx of refugees is expected to hit Germany and the European Union the next few year warned German Minister for International Economic Cooperation and Development Gerd Müller to German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

"Only ten percent of refugees who were forced to flee from Syria and Iraq have arrived in Europe so far" - said Müller adding that 8-10 million people are still "on the move".

"Those who have come to us until now, spent a few years in refugee camps without water and electricity. It is a shame that the international community is not able to provide these people with a livelihood on site." said the minister.

According to the Müller, Europeans must brace for an even larger influx of refugees in the coming years; as in the next few decades, Africa's population will double. To be able to tackle this immense problem we have to create a whole new level of international cooperation.

"In the age of internet and mobile phones everybody knows how prosperous country we are; therefore, we must invest in the education of poorer countries and offer new opportunities to them at home said Müller, in the meantime, warned of the worsening refugee crisis.

Western countries acquired their wealth on the expense of (looting and pillaging ed.) developing countries. This will no longer attainable, (the chickens come home to roost ed.) because tensions start surfacing up worldwide. Therefore, it makes no difference what we want here; these people won't ask our permission to come to our countries the minister added.

Müller has advocated the creation of an EUR 100 billion reconstruction fund for Syria and Iraq. This money should come from those countries that do not accept refugees the minister said (How kind! ed.)

According to statistics published on Wednesday by the German interior ministry almost 1.1 million asylum-seekers were registered in Germany last year, including 428 thousand Syrians who constitute the largest portion of applicants.

The European Commission said on Thursday that Turkey didn't do enough to mitigate the migration pressure on Europe.

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