Czech media: Kaczynski and Orbán can save the EU from disintegration

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Poland and Hungary's political leaders are 'Euro-realists' who believe that Great Britain is an important ally in saving the European Union from disintegration wrote Czech economic and political newspaper the Hospodárské Noviny.

British Prime Minister David Cameron's visit to Budapest last week showed that Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Viktor Orbán surprisingly, can turn out to be the main proponents of the unity of the European Union write foreign policy columnist Martin Ehl in an article called How Kaczynski and Orbán rescue the EU from disintegration.

It is clear that neither Poland nor Hungary support Great Britain's intention to quit the European Union. Both countries told London that they endorse EU reform plans proposed by London, except the idea that would negatively affect social benefits for their own citizens working in the UK.

Both leaders support a strong alliance of nation states within the EU framework so that EU resources can freely flow into their national budgets; in other words, both Polish and Hungarian conservatives want to create a functional common market write the Czech journalist.

Without a smoothly functioning European common market and the investment of Western companies in local economies none of the two countries could maintain economic growth and job creation - he added.

To call Kaczyński and Orbán Euro-sceptic is misleading. Both leaders instead should be called Euro-realists as they, in alliance with Great Britain are advocating a European Union made up by strong nation-states; this is the direction towards which the entire European Union is heading anyway in the midst of the ongoing financial and refugee crisis closed his commentary the Czech journalist.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it's not such a good idea to save them.
The Austrians had an incredibly good run - lasting for many centuries.
Time for them to endure some serious misfortune. Both the Poles and us had ours - benefiting the Austrians/Germans.

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