Former President of the British National Party Nick Griffin suggests forming small colonies in eastern-Europe to survive the coming civil war in western-Europe

Thursday, January 14, 2016

According to the Former President of the British National Party Nick Griffin the Islamic State foments civil wars in Western Europe in the next few years; therefore, citizens of western-European countries won't have any choice but to move eastward - Hungary, Poland or Russia - if they want to survive the coming calamities as cultural Marxists and Liberals are determined to destroy Western societies.

“…the liberal Intelligensia has destroyed the West… look at what happened in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden in NYE hundreds of newly comers run riots and rapes and sexually assaulted hundreds of young girls … western Europe is all over I’m afraid.”

Commenting on Griffin's remarks, Security Experts György Nógrádi noted that in Hungary Muslims make up less than 0.3 percent of the population; the majority of them university educated, live in mixed marriages and fully integrated into Hungarian society.

In Russia the situation is completely different because more than 20 million Muslims live close to Russia's southern border said Nógrádi.

According to the expert, the former president of the British National Party correctly assessed the situation as chaos and civil wars in western-Europe are real possibilities as the Islamic State announced a three-step strategy to conquer western societies.

As a first step, they want to establish a caliphate in the Muslim world; then, they want to control the world's terrorist organizations; and the third goal is to plant agents in every country in the world to carry out terrorist acts so creating fear and trembling among the general public.

Nógrádi also said that among migrants that have been coming to Europe there have been trained terrorists. This number may reach several thousands if we take into account the fact that approximately, 1 million and 600 thousand migrants have arrived in Europe so far. Western-Europe is unprepared to cope with major civil unrest that might erupt in the wake of continued terrorist attacks.

According to Nógrádi, the only possibility to avoid this scenario is to destroy the Islamic State as soon as possible.

Professor Zoltan Galik stressed that Griffin is so pessimistic about the future of his country that he advocates creating small colonies in Eastern Europe to save Western civilization. However, this is not a long term solution to the problem because only a coordinated international effort can defeat international terrorism.

Listen the interview with Nick Griffin HERE!

Kittensinurface gives some advice to foreigners wanting to move to Hungary.

“People who are curious about moving to Hungary, I give you some advice and information about what life is like here.”



Blogger Joe said...


Blogger Joe said...

The gypsy minority is rapidly increasing in Hungary.
So it is no wonder that Hungary has the highest homicide ratio in Europe. The absolute number of homicides were higher in the little Hungary than the numbers of homicides in UK + Germany combined. It is shocking fact.

Agi Bergman said...

Is this the best export the UK can give to Hungary? A fascist? Please keep him.

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