Government Spokesman Zoltán Kovács: Hungary doesn't take back a single migrant from other countries

Monday, January 18, 2016

Government spokesman Zoltán Kovács said Hungary doesn't take back a single migrant from other countries. These people "didn't parachute in Hungary," but they have come to our country and the European Union by crossing several other state borders.

As we have reported earlier, Norway wants to deport 860 migrants to Hungary claiming that these migrants registered in Hungary.

The government spokesman told M1 TV on Thursday that it was enough to look at the map to see that these migrants didn't enter the European Union through Hungary.

It is unacceptable that some countries only apply asylum rules, if favorable to them. Hungary on the other hand, handled the migration crisis consistently in accordance with international law - Kovács added.

The government spokesman recalled János Lázár earlier remarks, according to which until the border fence stands, it will keep illegal immigrants out. If there were no fence, similar events would have taken place in Hungary like the ones we have seen in Cologne at New Year's Eve.

In the same subject Secretary of State for Human Resources Bence Rétvári said in Zenta that what happened in Cologne at New Year's Eve was an attack on European values.

We should be proud of our European heritage and should protect it, or even promote it. "We do not wish to change our way of life, because we are the ones who are at home here - those who want to live with us have to adapt our lifestyle," said the secretary.

Politicians who argue otherwise should be removed from power because those politicians want to destroy European values said Rétvári.

The politician stressed that it is culture that shapes the identity of individuals, who are the building blocks of strong communities.

"The Hungarian government understands the importance of community life and will do everything to strengthen small and large communities, within the Schengen borders and overseas too, because those communities make up the entire nation. The simplified dual citizenship intended to promote this basic idea.

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