László Toroczkai filed criminal complaint against several migrant-assisting organizations

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ásotthalom Mayor László Toroczkai wants to clarify the status of migrant-assisting organizations and their activities. The mayor called on the National Security Committee of the Parliament to investigate the group's finances and ban them from carrying out propaganda activities in schools and other public institutions.

The influx of migrants destabilize the European Union; the flood can't be stopped because it is a highly organized operation," said Toroczkai at a press-conference held in front of the Prosecutor General's Office in Budapest.

"Migrants are supported by various migrant-assisting groups that operate illegally and backed by foreign assets like the Open Society Institute, which is closely linked to business magnate George Soros," said Toroczkai.

Toroczkai announced that he has filed three criminal complaints against groups whose activities closely documented by Ásotthalom field guards during the migration crisis in the summer 2015.

"We have evidence, including photographs and eyewitnesses to prove that in August 2015 at Röszke collection center migrant-assisting "volunteers" agitated illegal immigrants encouraging them to break out of the collection center by using violent means," said Torockai.

These groups guilty of incitement against the legal order of the country. There is evidence proving that the head of "MigSzol" transported illegal immigrants by using his own car. “Volunteers” of "Refuge Association for Migrants" also spotted transporting migrants from the border area near Ásotthalom said the mayor.

Toroczkai thinks that these incidents can be characterized as people smuggling operations.

The mayor wrote a letter to the parliamentary parties urging them to convene the Parliament's National Security Committee and investigate the activities of "MigrationAid" and "MigSzol" and other groups that receive their funding from abroad.

"Migrant-assisting organizations misleading Hungarian authorities," Toroczkai said adding that it is clear that these groups pose a national security risk.

The mayor told journalists that "Refuge Association for Migrants" has received more than HUF 1 billion in support, 90 per cent from abroad.

According to Toroczkai, these groups also promote toxic political agenda in educational institutions targeting children in an "extremely disgusting manner."

One of the these organizations, "MigSzol" campaigning in Ásotthalom. On December 28, 2015, by obtaining permission from the local KLIK (Klebelsberg Institution Maintenance Centre) a group of activists secretly visited an Ásotthalom primary school spreading liberal political views among children.

Toroczkai pointed out that one of the leaders of “MigrationAid” turned out to be a convicted criminal.

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