National Security Expert László Földi: Hungary got a break but the situation can change quickly

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Due to the construction of the border fence on Hungary's southern borders our country got a break and won a battle, but the war is not yet won. It can't be ruled out that the forces of chaos who made their temporary headquarters in western-Europe might expand to Hungary at some later time Hungarian expert László Földi warned.

Because we did not win the war, we are still exposed to more dangers told the security expert to "Magyar Idok" news portal in the context of the New Year's Eve violence in Cologne.

In the immediate future, we don't have to worry about violent attacks like the ones in Cologne because we do not have huge masses of refugees living in Hungary, but the fact that the Cologne gang violence turned out to be a highly organized event we should be on our guard.

At New Year's Eve Middles-eastern and North African migrants sexually assaulted women in Cologne - some of them were even robbed. Similar atrocities occurred in other large European cities including Vienna.

According to Földi, the New Year's eve incident in Cologne meant to create fear among the general public. And the fact that these attacks took place in several locations across Europe suggests that they were highly organized and intended to test the waters, to see people's reactions and also to prepare the ground for further similar attacks in 2016.

The expert warned that the forces of chaos that currently operating in Western Europe, might try to expand their operations in other locations including Hungary if they mistakenly believe that counter-terrorism agencies in those countries are not as prepared as their counterparts in western-Europe.

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