Norway wants to deport 860 migrants to Hungary

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Norway is about to deport 4-5 thousand asylum seekers to other European countries announced Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

The Norwegian Government stressed that the issue of asylum seekers coming to Europe should be settled in countries where they were registered.

About 33 thousand migrants arrived in Norway in 2015 of which 4-5 thousand will be sent back where they were registered in accordance with the Dublin agreement.

Norway is not an EU member state, but it made a separate agreement with the European Union on immigration issues which allows it to deport migrants to other EU countries.

Apparently, Norwegian officials contacted the Hungarian government at the end of November indicating their intention to deport 860 migrants to Hungary. Among the would be deportees only 50 Syrian national. The Hungarian government promised a response at the end of January.

One Norwegian organization working to protect the rights of refugees is concerned about the plan because according to it, Hungary is not a safe country for refugees.

Norway's ambassador to Hungary Anna-Marie Sikó argued last year that Hungary wasn't a primary host country, because refugees crossed other states' borders before entering Hungary.

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