PM Viktor Orbán visits Moscow in February

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Apparently, the visit has been initiated by the Russian side. The Russian president and the prime minister will probably, discuss the planned construction of two new nuclear blocks in Paks power plant by Russia's Rosatom and the possible purchase of Russian made helicopters by the Hungarian armed forces.

According to Népszabadság, the two sides likely to discuss EU sanctions against Russia as well. While Hungary reluctantly, but supported the sanctions the prime minister remarked after the vote that "once again, we shot ourselves in the foot" – sanctions are contrary to Hungarian national interests (Hungary suffers severe economic losses due to the sanctions).

The prime minister would like to see the lifting of counter-sanctions against Hungary by Russia. If this were to happen, we could again start exporting fruits, vegetables, meat to the huge Russian market.

According to sources, Hungary plans to obtain a maximum of thirty helicopters for HUF 142 billion, even if this item is not included this year's budget.

Regarding the expansion of the Paks power plant, Hungarian Trade Unions fear that Russia might slow down the development of the project due to shortage of funds.

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