President of the Italian Bishops' Conference: No wall can stop the flood of migrants to Europe

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The President of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) Bishop Angelo Bagnasco compared the influx of migrants into Europe to the journey of the Biblical Magi to Bethlehem stressing that no wall can ever stop migrants from coming to Europe.

Speaking on the topic of mass migration the Bishop said "there is no wall that can stop the people of south to migrate to the north". The bishop added that poverty was the main reason behind the ongoing mass migration to Europe.

These people experienced inconceivable suffering in war torn regions of the world and as a result, they are migrating to more peaceful countries where they can expect a better future.

At the time of Jesus' birth all people of the world moved at the same time in different parts of the world and moved in the same direction said the Bishop.

The current mass migration to Europe can be compared to a mighty river, which sometimes "dark and stormy, and sometimes joyful and festive."

The Italian cardinal stressed that western man is very jealous of his freedom, and independence; he is interested only in fulfilling his own needs.

Western man is afraid of everybody who seems to threaten his habitual lifestyle and therefore, isolates himself; he is "allergic" to other peoples and cultures, and this behavior unfortunately, characterizes even believers said Angelo Bagnasco.

The president of the Italian episcopal conference told to L'Avvenire in an interview on Tuesday that immigrants not only should be welcomed, but also integrated into European societies.

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