Putin still sympathizes with communist ideas, which are in tune with the Bible

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The ideas of communism are based on equality, brotherhood and happiness for all but unfortunately, so far nobody managed to put these ideas into practice said the Russian president.

Putin spoke about his relationship to communism at Stavropol inter-regional forum. news agency reported that Putin confessed that the ideas of communism still have an effect on him and he hasn't thrown away his communist party membership card.

"You know, just like millions of Soviet citizens - more than 20 million - I was a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. I was not only a member of the party, but I also worked for the State Security Committee of the USSR nearly 20 years - the successor of the KGB" said Putin at the first Inter-regional Forum on Monday.

"I was, you know, a member of the party. I can't say that I wasn't an ideological communist, but I took it very carefully," - said Putin.

"I really liked and still like the communist and socialist ideas," said the Russian president, adding that the ideas of communism are similar to the teachings of the Bible.

"But the practical realization of these great ideas in our country remained only a dream due to Utopian beliefs. Our country wasn't like the city of the sun" said the head of the Russian state.


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