Slovenia might introduce legislation forcing migrants to pay for their transportation and care

Thursday, January 28, 2016

For the time being Slovenia is not forcing migrants to pay for the cost of transportation and their care, but this may change if the influx of migrants won't subside soon told Slovenian State Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Bostjan Sefic to a public radio magazine.

The state secretary said until now more than 428 thousand migrants have passed through Slovenia, which cost 20 million euros to the country.

Recently, Denmark has introduced similar measures targeting refugees. Danish police now search the luggage of refugees and confiscate their cash in excess of 10 thousand crowns (€ 1,340) and other higher-value items, excluding personal items like wedding rings.

Switzerland introduced similar measures in the 1990s. Swiss authorities argue that pensioners too have to pay for public services.

Norway is also planning to make migrants pay for social services. A ruling party spokesman said recently that this would be a fair decision, because residents of retirement homes and the elderly in general also contributed to medical care and public transportation.

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