Taekwondoka Ivett Gonda retires from active competition

Friday, January 22, 2016 reported that taekwondoka Ivett Gonda retired from active competition after the Rio Olympic qualification competition in Istanbul last weekend.

Unfortunately, no Hungarian taekwondoka managed to qualify for the Rio games.

Ivett Gonda was born in Hungary; her family moved to Canada when she was four years old.

She competed at several Olympics; in Athens she finished fifth, then representing Canada.

Three years ago, she decided to switch country and represent her birth place, Hungary in future competitions; though she continued to train in Canada.

Ivett consulted the Hungarian Taekwondo Federation regarding her decision of retiring from active competition write

She said she was happy to represent her birth place even if this wasn't the most successful period of her sport career; but she still believes she did the right decision when switched country.

She would like to maintain good relations with the Hungarian Taekwondo Federation even in retirement and she and her husband offered to help preparing young Hungarian athletes in the future.

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