The Hungarian Foreign Affairs ask for a correction of an article published by the New York Times based on a fake migrant story

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade asked for a correction from the New York Times for an article based on a fake migrant story - a Syrian woman claimed that a prison guard assaulted her in a Hungarian jail.

According to the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, the US newspaper falsely reported that a Hungarian prison guard used violence against a Syrian migrant.

The American newspaper quoted a Syrian female refugee claiming that a Hungarian prison guards beat her senseless, because she refused his sexual advances.

The Prison Service Headquarters denied the allegations. The incident couldn't have happened because Hungarian prisons have never detained female migrants coming into the country during the summer; therefore, prison guards couldn't have come in contact with female migrants.

(Note: Most probably what happened was that foreign assets in the business of slandering Hungary and fooling the general public hired a Syrian migrant – maybe, she was even paid – telling her to come up with a fictitious story that can be used by the media to attack Hungary; then, the corporate media disseminated the lie to whip up anti-Hungarian sentiments among uninformed readers. This is a very cheap but effective way of manipulating the public. I wonder if there are still people out there with average intelligence that believe in these fairy tales. If you want to know the truth about what happened ask yourself – Whose interest? Who benefited? Then, you know the truth.)

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