The number of Roma students that finish high school is growing every year

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Roma Education Fund manager Judit Szira is very satisfied with the growing graduation rate among high school gypsy students.

Currently, about 20 percent of Roma students finish high school - said the Roma Education Fund manager to M1 TV magazine on Saturday.

Over a ten-year period this figure doubled. Also doubled are the number of Roma students that graduated from collage or university – this number jumped from 1% to 2% during a ten-year period said the fund manager.

The organization helps close to a thousand children under 6 years of age entering the education system by introducing them to various programs, and child development projects like study groups, and language courses.

Roma college and university students are supported - in addition to paying their tuition fees - with EUR 800 scholarship per year.

To boost the number of Roma students in higher education is a top priority because they can set an example to other disadvantaged young gypsies encouraging them to envision their future as useful members of society said Szira.

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